Big Money in Politics

Big Money in Politics

Big money is a powerful force in the world. It owns everything, from your house and car to your dog. Even the people around you are merely products of big money’s greed and desire to increase profits. This kind of power needs to be checked. Congress should halt coordinated activities between super PACs and candidates.

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Congress should curtail coordinated activity between candidates and super PACs

The use of super PACs in politics has become a problem in the United States, where wealthy special interests can avoid contribution limits and secretly coordinate with candidates. Transparency in campaign spending helps to prevent such practices, and it also leads to greater accountability of the government. Anti-coordination laws can help by defining what constitutes coordination, and they should consider the types of coordinating activities and content of specific expenditures.

Super PACs can influence elections by spending money on campaigns without a candidate’s consent. While campaigns can reject ads from super PACs, they cannot prevent these groups from airing their ads. In the case of Texas Senate candidate Beto, he explicitly asked a Democratic mega-donor-backed super PAC to stay out of his race. Yet, over $700,000 has been spent on his behalf by outside groups.

Big money owns everything

Institutional investors own everything from Bayer, the world’s largest seed company, to oil refineries, solar panels, and major pharmaceutical companies. They also control the automotive and aerospace industries, scientific institutes, big department stores, and online marketplaces. In the past, public companies were owned by a few families, but now, Big Money owns everything.